Mobile advertising these days became the dominant force in the promotion of any kind of business and permeate every industry. Kosmx offers an elegant solution in for advertising campaign that shows higher click through rate with various targeting methods:

  • Mobile Operating System
  • Geo-Target Location
  • Demographics by Vertical
  • Contextual Keywords
  • Mobile Device
  • Mobile Carrier
  • Day-Parting
  • Mobile Web and In-App

Think BIG

The amazing growth of mobile industry brought the importance of advertising platforms into focus. You can now have global reach and achieve your goals faster than ever. Kosmx can help you scale your campaign and our mobile advertising solution offers the best chance to extend your reach to new markets relevant to you. Take full advantage of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Cutting edge technology

Only the ones that keep track of all the recent trends and back it up with the latest technology can successfully stay in this business. Kosmx has been ahead of the pack in the mobile advertising industry and our solution a state of the art when it comes to delivering your ads.

Account management

Technology is always changing, but the importance of outstanding client service isn’t. Our account managers are experts in keeping up with the latest trends and mobile industry news and technology. They are capable of answering all your questions and offer assistance with every detail of your mobile campaigns from the ground up.