How does Kosmx work?

We analyze content from your pages and determine relevant, targeted keywords and then match those against advertiser mobile ads. That way out targeting capabilities allow an advertiser to show ads on your pages based on your visitor’s location (Geo-targeting), mobile device characteristics (OS platform), and a type of content (blog, forum, social network) Setting up for an account with Kosmx is free and we pay you (publisher) for clicks delivered on the ads that are shown on your pages. Kosmx also works with user-generated content such as blogs, forums social networking sites. We already work with some of the high profile blogs and social networking sites.

Where is the ad showing up on my site?

Ads show up where you want them to. You just copy the install code on your mobile site. If you place them to a template header or footer then your ads will be automatically displayed throughout the website. And the placement will be based on each page’s content and keyword.

Can I customize the mobile ads?

Off course! You may adjust the ad’s look and feel when generating the install code. Then simply place it and it will generate ads to your specs.

Can I have my own advertisers on the Kosmx platform?

Kosmx platform solution allows established networks and premium publishers to manage and sell their own advertising campaigns. The platform is fully adjustable with the ability to create separate pricing packages for any of your advertisers. Features like real-time metrics targeting capabilities and dashboard interface along with other tools are also available.

Could I have more than one mobile site to my account?

The answer is YES. Simply log into your publisher account and follow the process by pressing Add New Site. Our team will review your application and you should be approved quickly.

How does the Kosmx platform tackle the issue of frauds?

Artificially generating any traffic on the platform is strictly prohibited. Kosmx diligently monitors every click or view on the ads to prevent any kind of abuse. We use several algorithms to fight fraud-like pattern behavior, and any kind of fraudulent actions will be sanctioned immediately. The actions we are looking for are repeated manual clicks and automated clicking using scripts or other robots. We also perform manual user-verification for ad clicks and if we detect any kind of suspicious behavior, it gets sanctioned. Clicking on your own ads is prohibited as well.


What is Contextual Mobile Advertising?

Kosmx uses smart technology that crawls through millions of publisher sites to discover relevant keywords. We utilize several powerful algorithms and index those sites to empower our contextual mobile advertising system. How that affects you? The system automatically determines the most relevant ad to display on your website. More relevant ads lead to higher response rate which leads to more earnings for you!

Where are the ads coming from?

Mobile ads are purchased by advertising agencies that bid on certain relevant keywords and publisher channels. Kosmx also has partnerships with third parties to ensure the availability of relevant ads to our publishers.

Optimize your mobile site for ads

The platform targets ads based on the content on your site. So if you want certain ads to be displayed, you have to adjust content accordingly. If we can’t display an ad for one of your pages, then we may run one from our default channel.

Ads filtering

We offer “Competitor Ad Filter” feature allows you to specify URLs that are blocked from appearing on your WAP pages. That ensures that you don’t advertise competition on your own site.

Can Kosmx guarantee relevant ads on my mobile site?

No. The platform determines which ads to serve based on the content of your mobile pages. We cannot guarantee that it always has the inventory to match those perfectly. When that happens, we might show ads from our default channel. Sometimes, that might also be better for you since you can receive a higher cost-per-click from a default network than a relevant ad.

What happens if Kosmx server cannot determine any ads for my site?

This happens if your mobile pages do not have enough content for the platform to determine the context. In this case, we serve ads from our default channel or from a 3rd party feed.


How do I start?

Clicking on “Get Started” as a publisher and submitting an application for the program is the first step. After that, you will need to confirm your email address. Once this is done, you can log in to your account and add your payment details and create new sites! You will get an ad install code that you copy onto your sites. Your sites will go through a review process by our QC team and upon approval, you will automatically start seeing ads on your mobile sites.

How quickly will mobile ads start displaying on my site?

If everything is in order and you get approved, your ads will start showing up on your mobile sites within a couple of hours.

Who are your other mobile publishers for Kosmx?

We have a relationship with many mobile publishers and other UGC content sites like blogs, forums, social networking sites etc… Contact our business development to get started as a publisher and start earning money today!


What are eligibility criteria to get accepted as a Kosmx Publisher?

There are certain policies your mobile website must comply with in order to be qualified for the Kosmx publisher program. Publisher requirements page is available and we advise everyone to read it before creating an account with us. Important note: we may change our requirements at any time and per Terms & Conditions; it will be your responsibility to a keep the changes and apply adjustments if necessary.

Does Kosmx enforce program rules?

YES! All new publisher mobile sites are automatically reviewed by our Quality Compliance team to ensure full compliance. We continuously monitor all publisher sites to make sure continued compliance with the requirements & policies is upheld. If you fail to comply with the policies it may result in a temporary suspension or in termination of accounts.

Can I have multiple accounts within Kosmx?

There is no need to create multiple accounts! Kosmx platform allows you to create multiple mobile sites within the same account. But if you still would like to have multiple accounts, you can

Am I still eligible to signup if I am already part of another mobile network?

Yes! However, it is your responsibility to comply with the policies of your ad network when doing so.

Are non-English mobile websites eligible to sign up for the Kosmx Program?

No. We currently only supports English content mobile sites and have limited foreign languages support.


How much can I earn through Kosmx publisher program?

There are no limits to how much you can earn! We offer two types of programs: CPC (cost per click) and CPM (per 1000 impressions). CPC ads are available to everyone, but CPM ads are only available to premium publishers. Under the standard CPC model, advertisers only pay you for each valid click that your user performs. You will receive a percentage of the amount paid by advertisers for those clicks. Kosmx would send you a check for the amount you earn a certain month within 60 days after the end of each calendar month.

Is there any guaranteed amount of money I can make?

We cannot guarantee the amount of money you will make. It depends on the type of traffic your site gets and other factors like the content of your mobile website and the availability of relevant ads in our inventory. However, we do work hard to adjust ad campaigns for better relevancy and better conversion for you maximizing your earnings in the process!

How do I receive the payments?

We will send you a check.

When do I get paid?

Kosmx will send you a check in Net 60 days if your earnings balance is more than $100. If your account has a balance of less than $100, then it gets rolled over to the next payment schedule until your account balance is greater than $100.


What kind of information does Kosmx gather from my mobile sites?

We only gather relevant keywords from your mobile sites. All information is only for purposes of placing contextual ads.

Does Kosmx need my personal information and what for?

Your personal information is strictly used for account management and communication during your participation in the program. All information is stored securely and not shared with any 3rd party.

Can I cancel my Kosmx publisher account and how?

You may cancel your account at any time. Simply contact us via the helpdesk or phone if you wish to cancel your publisher account. After the cancelation of your account, we require that you remove all install codes from your mobile pages immediately. Any pending earnings will be paid to you via check within 60 days after the end of the calendar month if the balance exceeds $100. If publishers violate any of our rules – we reserve the right to terminate a publisher’s account at any time.